3:00 pm

Halacha Seder: Rebbe-led small chaburot going through most of Mishna Berura. On Wednesdays, the Rosh yeshiva gives a Q&A on the material covered during the week.

3:30 pm

Seder B’kiyut: Guided chavruta study in the Bet Midrash.

5:00 pm

B’kiyut Shiur: Five different levels that will challenge you.

6:10 pm

Chaburot: Every day a choice of four different classes including Hebrew Ulpan. Topics include – Getting Inside Tefilla, Midot Development, kiruv Training Seminar, Emuna and Bitachon, Hilchot Bein Adma L’chaveiro, Jewish History. On Wednesdays we end afternoon seder at 5:30 for an extended dinner break

7:00 pm

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